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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. some breaking news in san francisco. flames are shooting out of a popular restaurant in the city's west portal neighborhood and the muni tunnel is now being shut down. we have team coverage with elizabeth in traffic. >> in traffic. but first we are going right to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran on the scene with the very latest. cate what can you tell us. >> reporter: i can tell you that the fire started in the squat and gobble popular restaurant here in san francisco. crews are busy battling flames. there's heavy smoke in the air. this restaurant is completely gutted. it is a complete loss for the building here. i can see already dozens of firefighters here on scene trying to tackle this fire. they have been at it for quite a while. crews say that they got the call right at around 4:00, 4:14 this morning and the fire quickly grew to three alarms. flames were shooting up as high as 10 to 20 feet. heavy smoke in the area and now they have set up a perimeter here along west portal.
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they have shut down as i was talking about that tunnel over here now. as far as the firefighting efforts are concerned, we are about to get an update from the public information officer to learn more. what i can tell you right now is there are a lot of confused people out here especially morning commuters as they are trying to figure out alternative ways to get to work. we spoke with somebody from muni a couple of minutes ago who said they will shut down the west portal tunnel. for alternatives on how to get to work we'll get more from elizabeth in traffic. >> thanks, cate. as you saw behind her there are a number of fire crews and other crews. it's by squat and gobble. the three-alarm fire has been burning for hours so they have had to shut down the west portal tunnel or they will in the next few minutes. this will affect inbounded and outbound on k, l and m lines of
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muni. trains won't be allowed to get through the tunnel. in the meantime, they are working on bus bridges. all other muni lines ace, bart, everything else no delay. >> two lanes blocked stacking up towards 16th and growing on southbound 880. another san francisco fire under investigation this morning. damage to a home in the mission district around 2 a.m. no injuries, only person in that house did get out safely. the fire is at 36 fair avenue. apparently it started on a deck there and then moved into a multistory home. and we're also following some breaking news out of santa clara county. a house explodes and injures two people. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene right now and anne, we're hearing reports that there was ammunition
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inside the home. >> reporter: which caused some explosions here at the house behind me. i'm in the cambrian park neighborhood right now. the house looks to be a total loss, significant damage, two people were home at the time that this fire broke out just before 4:00 this morning. a husband and wife, they were burned. it looks like they will be okay. they were walking and talking by the time they were taken away in an ambulance. two people were injured. they also evacuated several homes in the neighborhood because of the explosions. each here with captain reggie williams -- i'm here with captain reggie williams with the san jose fire department. pretty serious call. you guys elevated this to two alarms almost immediately. why was that? >> the first crews that arrived, the house was fully involved and we had some reports of some people that may have been trapped in structure. when we arrived, the structure was threatening the house left and right of it. initial crews evacuated the homes got those people out safely. the homeowners here did suffer some minor burns and were taken
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to a local hospital. >> reporter: okay. the evacuations are over now? >> yes. the evacuations are over now. we have allowed everyone to go back home. >> reporter: as far as the investigation, the house is so heavily damaged, how is that even going to begin? >> there is major damage, nearly destroyed actually. the structural integrity is not so that firefighters can enter the structure at this point. as you hear, we just had a minor explosion with some ammunition that also kept us out. >> reporter: you say the ammunition is bullets. >> yeah. from what we were told by the homeowner, they had ammunition in some gun lockers inside the structure. >> reporter: carlson avenue here in san jose closed down right now. the fire is out for the most part. they are going to be checking for hot spots throughout the morning and again, the investigation should take several hours. live in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. now to some developing news out of north san jose. the search is on for suspects behind the city's 37th homicide
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of the year. officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound at the 1700 block of rogers avenue around 2 a.m. the victim died at the scene. investigators have not identified the suspects or a motive just yet. the identity of the man killed is also being withheld. a wild scene in vallejo. bombs found inside a home forced an evacuation of a neighborhood. a bomb squad detonated small explosives on georgia street yesterday. people were allowed back home last night. one person was taken into custody after the devices were found in his home. the suspect's own roommate called vallejo police. neighbors say they were always suspicious. >> you know, the guy, you know, i smelled chemicals at night i would tell the police officers, he would just be making all kinds of noise at all times at night you know? it would be so loud shake my house. >> the suspect is facing felony charges for making and detonating bombs. should we catch our breaths and maybe toss it over to
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lawrence for a little weather? >> no kidding! lots going on this morning. >> a lot of stuff happening this morning. weather-wise, just trying to settle things down here. looks like we'll do it in time for the weekend. hi-def doppler picking up on scattered light showers around the bay area but this is the last gasp of the system before it moves out of town. you can see some of those light showers now moving just south of the livermore area as we take you in for a closer look. you can see along mines road scattered showers in that direction but this really light stuff. then it's going to head out as we look toward the afternoon. this low finally kicking eastward this afternoon and that's going to carry with it that touching off showers and thunderstorms in the bay area for the last few days but that's long gone. temperatures cool highs in the afternoon usually near 80 in some spots inland, today about 13 degrees cooler than normal in santa rosa at 65. about 66 degrees in san jose. and 66 in livermore. that's 12 degrees below average for this time of year. more weather coming up in a bit. >> i think the vice president
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very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. [ laughter ] >> i always say what i mean. >> paul ryan there with a little dig at joe biden's outspoken nature as the two engaged this this year's only scheduled vice-presidential debate. when the pressure was on, vice president joe biden too perform after president obama's lackluster performance against mitt romney last week. randall pinkston joins us now live from danville, kentucky, with last night's highlights and results of a post debate poll. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's a whole lot of talk this morning about the political theater, the atmosphere, whether vice president biden was smiling too much or smirking or interrupting too much, whether congressman ryan was sipping water too often. but at the end of the day both candidates made strong points for their respective campaigns. >> i will be very specific. >> reporter: vice president joe biden wasted no time challenging congressman paul ryan's take on foreign policy. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch malarkey.
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>> and why is that so? >> not a single thing he said is accurate. >> reporter: the vice president and ryan clashed over the economy, taxes and medicare with the democrat often on the attack. >> and they're holding hostage the middle class tax cut. it's about time they take some responsibility. >> reporter: but ryan fired back. he slammed the obama administration's economic record. >> this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for a real recovery, and that's exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: after several heated exchanges, ryan insinuated that president obama's performance last week was motivating the vice president. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. >> reporter: as for who won, it depends on who you ask. instant polls taken right after the debate are mixed. in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 50% thought the vice president won. 31% sided for ryan, and 19% called it a tie.
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56% thought biden would be an effective president if necessary compared with 49% for ryan. not surprisingly, both sides claimed victory. mitt romney's campaign said biden seemed off balance and strange. the president's team said the debate exposed the risks of electing a romney/ryan ticket. the next presidential debate is tuesday. while democrats are pleased with vice president biden's performance it's unclear whether his aggressive style was offensive or convincing to the independents who will hold the margin of victory in the presidential election. >> randall, let's talk more. it was obviously interesting to watch. what were the strong and weak points of the candidates? >> reporter: well, certainly vice president biden had to make sure that everyone knew
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that democrats would fight. i mean, remember that president obama himself said that he was too polite. no one could say that about biden as last night's showdown. ryan had to make sure he didn't lose any ground. this is his first venue for a national audience sitting opposite one of the most powerful democrats in the nation. and he held his own even as mitt romney is beginning to show some improvement in the polls. so you would have to say that it was a win-win for both sides. they both accomplished their goals. >> there isn't a clear winner in this debate as in the presidential debate. but it's going to be picked apart for days. thank you, randall pinkston live in kentucky. for more political coverage check out our exclusive presidential forum on our website, everyone day the candidates weigh in on a different issue. well, some hugs and some cheers last night. the giants pulled off a miracle comeback taking three in a row from the reds at cincinnati.
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they move on to the nlcs and then it was the as' turn at home against the tigers. game five last night a packed house at the coliseum to cheer on the as but the star of this game was on the mound for the other team. the tigers that guy right there reigning cy young award winner justin verlander was unbelievable striking out 11 as batters pitching a complete game shutout. as only had four hits in the game and lost 6-0 in their season finale. what a team was for a team that many said would lose 100 games. >> i think we surprised a lot of people outside of this clubhouse. obviously we would have liked to have continued on. the goal it is to make it all the way get that ring on your finger and have the parade. but it comes to a end for us. difficult to swallow. >> the tigers advance to the alcs against either the orioles or the yankees who battle it out in their game 5 later tonight. how about the giants? they became the first time in
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big league history to win three straight on the road to close out a five-game series to win three straight on the road. it was a nail biter. posey with a big grand slam to make it 6-0 in the fifth. giants beat the reds 6-4. they will start the nlcs sunday on the road in washington or at home against st. louis. those two teams have at it tonight in their game 5, as well. 6:12. if you are just joining us, the muni tunnel in san francisco is shut down because of a fire in the west portal neighborhood. these are live pictures right now. it's affecting many lines on muni. elizabeth is going to have more on the traffic impact in just a few minutes. >> and from outer space to the streets of l.a., shuttle endeavour slowly making its way to retirement. >> sadness and finger-pointing in berkeley. why a redwood tree has to be cut down to make way for a library.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. a massive fi breaking news in san francisco, a massive fire in the west portal area has a very popular restaurant practically gutted and it's affecting traffic, as well. >> affecting muni also. elizabeth is in the cbs 5 traffic center with more. >> muni and streets blocked off, this is a three-alarm fire burning in the city's west portal neighborhood. the problem is they have had to shut down the west portal muni tunnel. a lot of fire crews still on scene. streets are blocked off near west portal and ulloa affecting. k, l and n muni lines shut down because they cannot go through the tunnel. muni now is trying to establish a bus bridge so if you typically use one of those
6:17 am
lines, again, they are trying to set up some buses for you. we can learned from firefighters that they are in defensive mode. so earlier flames were seen spewing from the squat and gobble restaurant in the area. no injuries but apparent some major damage to the restaurant and nearby wine shop. the fire broke out two hours ago. coming up we'll have another live report from cate caugiran on the scene of the fire in west portal. >> let's go to the maps. first to the bay bridge. metering lights are on now obviously. you can see it stacking up in all lanes. cash and fastrak lanes so at least a good 10-minute delay likely to get you on the bridge but again, those delays are continuing to grow and hey, we have much better news, i didn't get a chance to change this yet but this traffic alert that was issued for oakland, it is now cancelled. so southbound 880 just within the last few minutes they reopened all lanes across this stretch. obviously still some delays though leaving downtown oakland as you head towards the coliseum. but again we're hoping to see
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some improvement here very shortly. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on your friday forecast, here's lawrence. >> let's keep that good news trend going as we have some sunshine in the bay area this weekend but this morning still scattered showers outside right now. hi-def doppler showing you some of that moisture rotating through with wraparound moisture with the area of low pressure spinning around the last couple of days keeping things unsettled in the bay area. so a cloudy start with drizzle and light showers. this afternoon slow clearing but cool temperatures. the good news is the weekend looks like it will be warmer. by the time we hit midweek next week, maybe a little heat wave rolling into the bay area. low pressure moving out sliding eastward dragging moisture. damp start in the bay area. drizzle approaching the area so roads are wet. computer models picking up on some of that light activity early on. this afternoon breaking up and squeezing in a little sunshine but temperatures well below average for this time of year.
6:19 am
then low clouds and fog going to surge back onshore later on tonight and into tomorrow. traveling around the state, watch out for some showers in the high country toward lake tahoe, also yosemite. 70s in the central valley and maybe light showers toward eureka late in the day. numbers only in the 60s outside. so keeping you cool today, but warmer weather expected for the weekend more sunshine maybe some 80s by sunday. then looks like much warmer weather toward the middle of next week. back to you. >> thank you. what a sight in los angeles. these are pictures now as the space shuttle endeavour makes a long slow trip to its retirement home. endeavour is being transferred through city streets from los angeles international airport to the california science center at exposition park. the 170,000-pound spacecraft will on displace eventually at the museum. >> kind of a tricky process. four computer controlled transporters will help negotiate the shuttle along 12 miles where in some cases it's
6:20 am
just inches away from some buildings. >> some places the wing tips are going to actually extend beyond the boundaries of the streets over the sidewalk. >> so then what do you do then? >> just move very carefully forward. [ laughter ] >> we tell people to open their windows as the wings come by. >> trees and other obstacles had to be removed to accommodate the unusually wide load. the shuttle will travel at speeds up to 2 miles per hour. two-day trip will begin late last night and once they get it, it's finally going to retire after a long farewell tour. >> in the video you could see all the people lined up on the streets. >> a lot of folks saying good- bye some berkeley people are mourning the loss of redwood trees cut to make room for a library. five were originally cut down for the west branch library and the sixth tree was supposed to be saved but it was damaged by the contractors when they took out other trees so it has to go, too. >> they weren't going to cut it down and now it's like they are
6:21 am
all done. >> feel devastated by it. it was very sad to watch all the trees be cut down one after the other on a sunny afternoon. >> that contractor is expected to pay for the damage and a new mature tree will be planted in place of the one that they have to take out. 6:21. candidates clash. how a laughing joe biden may have stolen the show. >> a play that capped off the big comeback for the giants. buster posey's monster grand slam. that and more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and we live in a special place... where pure and good check out these live pictures an update from muni on a three-alarm fire affecting service san francisco's west
6:25 am
portal neighborhood. the k and the n lines are shut down by fire crews completely blocking that west portal tunnel. apparently the l line can get through. they are working to establish bus bridges to downtown from saint francis circle but obviously this is a very active scene as you see those huge flames shooting from the roof of the squat and gobble restaurant on west portal near ulloa streets. streets are blocked off in the area. a reporter on scene will have a live report in a few minutes. cloudy skies outside, hi- def doppler picking upa few light showers now heading toward the san jose area into alum rock. you could see some light showers in the next few minutes. more on your weekend forecast coming up. mixed results last night from bay area baseball teams in the fifth and deciding games of their play-off series. oakland as had a sellout crowd to city them play detroit. verlander with a complete game shutout. the as got a big ovation even
6:26 am
though they lost. how about in cincinnati? giants scored six runs in the 5th inning and that was all they needed. but they had to hold on more for the 6-4 win. they will play the cardinals on sunday or washington nationals. grand slam by buster posey the play of the day a key moments of the giants win over the reds in the fifth deciding game of the play-off series. their next game we don't know who they will play but the next game is on sunday. "cbs this morning," we want to show you right now [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: popular restaurant in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. we'll have a live report coming up. and another fire we're following, flames gut a home in santa clara county. what was inside that made this fire especially dangerous for crews. ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everybody! a busy friday, october 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. a major fire is still burning in san francisco and it's shut down the muni tunnel. we have just hearing that the roof is about to cave in. >> we are going to take you there. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the west portal neighborhood with the very latest. cate. >> reporter: frank, michelle, this fire is far from over. in the past two minutes i have seen parts of the roof of the popular restaurant the squat and gobble collapse. now we are hearing the entire roof might cave in at any moment. there are still active flames and the firefighters here are fighting it defensively. that means no firefighters are inside of the building.
6:31 am
that means they are doing all of their firefighting efforts from the outside. we have ladder trucks out here as crews are trying to douse this building with water right now. we're also learning that the fire has spread to an adjacent building to a nearby wine shop possibly an orthodontist office directly above that wine shop right now. as far as the restaurant it started in, as you can see, crews tell me this restaurant is a complete loss. they have gutted the inside to try to keep it from spreading further. originally the call came in around 4:15 this morning and about 20 or 30 minutes in crews had to pull firefighters out because the fire had grown so intense and then more parts of the roof collapsed creating what the chief told me was a big challenge for crews. >> all three lines are impacted l, n and k. they are right across the street from the tunnel. so ski once we get the upper --
6:32 am
so once we get the upper handle on this we'll coordinate with the mta. but they are coordinating a bus bridge. >> reporter: we have just learned that the fire grew to four alarms. there are dozens of firefighters here on scene. >> reporter: this is affecting the morning commute. i have seen in the past hour that i have been here swarms of morning commuters come to the area near the west portal tunnel confused not knowing what's going on because they have shut down the tunnel. elizabeth has more on how to get to work. >> it's impacting the streets in the area and muni so it's a huge disruption for the morning commute. west portal right there shut down between vicente and ulloa. the fire crews are block the
6:33 am
west portal mun tunnel affecting the k and n lines. they are trying to get a bus bridge to downtown from saint francis circle. we were told earlier that the l line got through. if that changes we'll let you know. it is up graded to four alarms. back to you guys. >> thank you. a busy day. now to an explosive house fire this down in santa clara county. two people are in the hospital this morning. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec tells us ammunition inside the homemade this fire difficult for crews to fight it. anne, good morning. >> reporter: neighbors heard several explosions coming from the homes here behind me once it caught fire and 4 a.m. that is why homes surrounding it had to be evacuated. now, everybody has been allowed back in but check out the
6:34 am
damage here to this house. it looks like it is destroyed. flames were shooting up above 20 feet in the air at one point. it moved very, very quickly and again several explosions heard coming from inside. the homeowner said he had a bunch of bullets inside. now, that homeowner and his wife were inside of the home when that fire started. they ran out screaming. and both were burned, second- degree burns, but the good news is that they were both walking and talking when ambulances arrived to take them to the hospital. there were some pets inside the home, as well. >> the homeowner said they had pets, i don't know whether they're cats or dogs. we were unable to get inside at all. so i don't know whether they got out alive. >> reporter: hopefully, they did get the pets out but looking at the damage to this home, it doesn't look good. now, back out here live now on carlson avenue in the cambrian
6:35 am
park neighborhood of san jose, there's damage to the home next door. that's one of several homes that had to be evacuated. there were children living in the home so obviously a very scary scene. but everybody is okay. people are allowed back in. the investigation is going to be difficult because of the heavy damage to the home where the fire started. but that is going to begin here this morning. live in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. people in a vallejo neighborhood are back home this morning after explosives were found in the area. a bomb squad detonated small bombs after evacuating a home around georgia street. one person was taken into custody after devices were found in his home. his roommates called police. the suspect faces charges for making and detonating bombs. >> lawrence is probably feeling a little forgotten. but the weekend is here.
6:36 am
>> i don't mind being here by myself hanging out talking to myself. >> drinking coffee. >> because nobody gets mad at me. [ laughter ] we have a lot of clouds around the bay area, scattered light showers showing up around with some stubborn showers trying to move out of town. i think over the next hour or so they will dissipate. we are seeing activity toward the southern parts of san jose. closer look now, you can see that one cell that's sliding on by right along the streets the east capitol expressway getting wet right now. but it's moving through quickly. in about five minutes that will be gone. then this whole area of low pressure will kick eastward throughout the day today. we'll shut down the showers and try to bring back sunshine. but the temperatures are going to stay cool. in fact, well below average for this time of year. usually we're seeing some numbers near 80 degrees but by the afternoon, 13 degrees below normal in santa rosa at 65. about 12 degrees below normal at 66 degrees in livermore. and 8 degrees below normal in san francisco at 62. the good news is, we have warmer weather on the way for the weekend. we'll talk more about that,
6:37 am
guys, coming up. jack kennedy lowered tax rates increased growth. >> oh, now you're jack kennedy. >> joe biden and paul ryan locking horns in the only vice- presidential debate of 2012. violent's revival of lloyd bentsen's 1988 -- vice president's revival of lloyd bentsen's 1988 barb. >> here's randall pinkston are highlights from the clash in kentucky and results of who came out the winner. >> i will be very specific. >> reporter: vice president joe biden wasted no time challenging congressman paul ryan's take on foreign policy. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch malarkey. >> and why is that so? >> not a single thing he said is accurate. >> reporter: the vice president and ryan clashed over the economy, taxes and medicare with the democrat often on the attack. >> and they're holding hostage the middle class tax cut. it's about time they take some responsibility. >> reporter: but ryan fired back. he slammed the obama administration's economic record. >> this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for a real
6:38 am
recovery, and that's exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: after several heated exchanges, ryan insinuated that president obama's performance last week was motivating the vice president. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. >> reporter: as for who won, it depends on who you ask. instant polls taken right after the debate are mixed. in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 50% thought the vice president won. 31% sided for ryan, and 19% called it a tie. 56% thought biden would be an effective president if necessary compared with 49% for ryan. not surprisingly, both sides claimed victory. mitt romney's campaign said biden seemed off balance and strange. the president's team said the debate exposed the risks of electing a romney/ryan ticket. the next presidential debate is tuesday. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky.
6:39 am
>> as for the men at the top of the tickle, president obama will remain in washington today to prepare for his next debate. mitt romney will be campaigning in the battleground states of ohio and virginia. >> we have been asking you, who do you think won the vm debate? and why? ruben says joe biden won the debate hands down while another says biden is forced and surprisingly rude. comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at phil matier and joe gar foley will weigh in on the debates in just a few minutes. 6:39. a week of nobel prize-winning announcements wraps up this morning with a surprise winner of the peace prize. the winner is the european union. the eu received the award for six decades of contributions quote to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in europe. 6:39 now. we continue to follow breaking
6:40 am
news out of san francisco's portola district. >> a massive four-alarm fire that we have been following all morning. we'll have the latest coming up. >> and the market opened just minutes ago. let's take a look at the early numbers on this last week of trade -- last day of trading. we'll crunch the numbers coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. good morning. we continue to follow breaking news out of san francisco. if you are just waking up with us, a san francisco restaurant fire has been upgraded now to four alarms. so obviously you can still see flames shooting from the roof. this is a "squat & gobble" restaurant there on west portal avenue so a number of fire crews on scene and it sounds like again they are bringing even more in. this is actually across the street from the west portal
6:44 am
muni tunnel so they had to shut down the tunnel impacting muni service in the area. the k, the m and likely the l lines all impacted. they are working to set up a bus bridge right now. we understand they are picking up some passengers vicente and west portal avenue and taking them to downtown. there are a number of streets blocked off in the area for fire crews while they work to to put out this fire. they are in defensive mode now. streets are shut down west portal between vicente and ulloa. they are not opening up businesses in the area until 10:00 this morning. again that's the latest from the scene four alarms there at west portal avenue. let's go to our maps. we're following a couple of other things this morning. also an accident on the dumbarton bridge. so this is westbound 84 just past the toll plaza. one lane is blocked. blacked up past the pay gates. things are finally looking
6:45 am
better across this stretch. southbound 880 approaching 23rd all lanes open and things recovered from downtown all the way towards the oakland coliseum. that's a check on your "timesaver traffic." here's lawrence with the forecast. >> leftover showers early on today. some of that make its way into the south bay right now. if you are traveling out there be careful a little slick on the roads too some drizzle as you're approaching the coastline but we got one cell that's making its way in south san jose along highway 101. you're seeing showers there now but moving through fairly quickly and then it looks like this morning, those showers all come to an end and finally those skies are going to part a bit a little sunshine as we head toward the afternoon. temperatures going to stay unusually cool though but the good news is, a gradual warming trend over the weekend and by next week maybe a little heat wave. low pressure finally kicking eastward now but still some of that wraparound moisture working its way through the bay
6:46 am
area going to move out of town later on this morning. by the afternoon we are going to see clouds part a bit. starting out a little unsettled and somewhat wet out there. but by the afternoon, those clouds break up then tonight we are going to so low clouds onshore. not cloud-free for the weekend. we are seeing delays at sfo of about 50 minutes right now and looks like by the afternoon mostly cloudy skies. traveling around the state, you will find 84 degrees in houston. heating up saturday and sunday 80s in the valleys. by the meld of next week, though, maybe some low 90s in the bay area. wouldn't that be nice after the last couple of days. positive earnings reports this morning from two of america's biggest banks including a local one. >> here to talk about that and more, kcbs moneywatch reporter
6:47 am
jason brooks on a friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bank profits very healthy for wells fargo and jpmorgan chase. san francisco-based wells fargo saying its profit rose 23% in the 3rd quarter to $4.7 billion. revenue at $21 billion was under from the last quarter disappointing investors a bit but wells fargo taking advantageof the housing market rebounded. their new mortgage original nations up 53% from a year earlier to $2.8 billion. jpmorgan chase with a record profit of $5.8 billion on a gain of 34%. a big ipo to watch in the bay area, pleasanton based workday which provides software for businesses over the cloud priced its ipo $2 above the high-end. range could range over $600 million. they put a market cap of $4.5 million on the company. wall street tough to get out of
6:48 am
the doldrums. looks like it's going to be tough again today. take a look at the numbers. dow up by 32 points. nasdaq is down by 1. s&p up by 1. shares in wells fargo down 3.5%. jpmorgan chase down by nearly 1%. apple is flat right now. back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and it was quite the spirit debate in kentucky last night between vice president joe biden and republican nominee paul ryan. phil matier is here with more and joe from the "san francisco chronicle." good morning, guys. >> reporter: good morning. okay. well, somebody watched that debate. i want to ask you, joe, were you paid to watch it. i was paid to watch it. do you think anybody that wasn't paid watched it? >> oh, yeah. i think it was a big audience because the election is so much -- is still in doubt still very close. it could count for something. >> it was interesting because they were playing as it counted and one of the big questions of
6:49 am
course is it the salesmanship. here's a clip. >> these people are my mom and dad, the people i grew up with, my neighbors, they pay more effective tax than governor romney pays in his federal income tax. i have had it up to here with this notion that 47% -- it's about time they take some responsibility here. >> governor romney is a good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country. and with respect to that quote, i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. [ laughter ] >> what do you think of that? >> this appeals to the base. biden said something that the president said the other day. said the magic numbers, 47%. people were begging, democrats, partisans were beg the president to hit hard. he didn't. he left a lot of stuff on the
6:50 am
table and biden didn't. democrats loved that. >> but ryan held his own as well because let's face it, in a vice-presidential debate, especially if you are the newcomer, people are looking at you going, okay, you're a heartbeat away, do you have what it takes or are you at least in the league? and i think that ryan held his own against biden. >> he proved that he can definitely play the game. >> chances are if you are for one of the other this reinforces? >> this is a pompom moment. everybody said go, go, go, republicans. this is not going to sway anything. the point was for biden to stop the slide. >> we were talking about vp debates and frank stumped me. can you name the last four you know -- >> the last vp candidates that didn't win? and who was dole's running
6:51 am
mate? >> jack kemp. >> there you go. >> i didn't get it. he got it. >> i'm a political geek, though. >> but the point is, is okay in the overall of this, is this just a placeholder between the first debate and next tuesday's debate or did you walk away with anything? >> i walked away with it that the race is now going to be pulled back even. the slide is stopped and will change no minds. >> i'm with frank and michelle. if you were in denny's and these guys were at the booth next to you, and they were having that discussion, would you have listened in, for how long, or what? >> i would have gone to the table and listened with them, yes. i would have listened to it. it was a great debate. >> i spent 20-some-odd years in new hampshire. i watched it. i enjoyed it more than the presidential debate because the format was better, more fire between the two candidates. >> there was more fire but also a sort of give and take where
6:52 am
they both seemed to be engaged as opposed to just throwing the lines you know -- >> they not only interrupted each other but the moderator martha she did too to try to keep them on track. >> the fact that they were closer makes -- lends a little more back and forth. >> and it's hard to get really ticked off if you're right there. >> maybe in the next couple of minutes we will. >> the debate over the debate continues until next tuesday. >> we have to go. >> phil matier and joe garifoli, thank you so much. time now 6:52. a firefighter has been injured in the west portal neighborhood fire. >> and we understand that firefighters have been here on the scene for three hours trying to get this you understand control. we'll be speaking with a deputy chief live in just a few minutes. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
6:53 am
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cbs-5 reporter cate cauguirs in the west portal neighbord in san francisco with the lt on breaking news. "..." a restaurant up in flames. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports in the san francisco neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: i'm learning this fire has affected five buildings. the restaurant, a dental shop, a wine shop including two residential buildings as well. we are joined now by deputy chief mark gonzalez with the san francisco fire department. thank you for joining us this morning. i understand you had a number of challenges in fighting this fire. can you talk us through the morning? >> the fire started originated at one west portal at "squat & gobble" and they had a lot of heat a lot of smoke. they couldn't originally find the fire. the building goes back a long way back to the parking lot. and it's at an angle right there in between. so what they did find what they thought was the original scene
6:57 am
of the fire they put out but the fire had spread at that time unfortunately and our assistant chief in charge of the fire called for the next level of alarm second alarm, third alarm. unfortunately by the time it kept spreading it got to the delta building which is the dental office as we said. it's 9 and 15 west portal and spread to the bravo closure which is 821 ulloa the two residential buildings. so three buildings involved right now. >> reporter: why did it get so hot so quickly? is it the structure? >> it was high ceilings and attic. i'm not sure if they got to it right away in the beginning. by the time i got here they had to pull out because it had been going too long in the building it been burning too long in the attic, we didn't want our members injured, especially when there are no people
6:58 am
inside. we cleared the residents on the left of ulloa. no civilian injured. one firefighter is injured, a little woozy. he is being monitored on scene. >> reporter: thank you. we understand one injury but that firefighter was just treated on scene so is expected to be okay. crews have been here for more than three hours trying to get in fire under control and they expect to be here still into the morning and later into the day. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. i guess muni has some big issues? >> yeah. the restaurant fire is cross the street from the west portal muni tunnels. they have had to shut down the tunnel impacting several muni lines, l, m and k all running through the tunnel. so again, muni has set up a bus bridge at the saint francis circle station to take folks downtown. there is a live look right there. again, this is west portal and ulloa where obviously a lot of industries are blocked. more than 100 firefighters on the scene of the four-alarm fire. bay bridge, we heard about a crash on the upper deck a few
6:59 am
minutes ago. it doesn't sound good. right now lanes are blocked so it's already backed up through the macarthur maze and unfortunately, bridge crews have not arrived on scene to clear that accident. so we'll have an update in about half hour. >> it is gloomy and a little slick outside around the bay area this morning. starting out with a lot of clouds, some drizzle, even a couple of scattered light showers. temperatures running mainly in the 40s out there. looks like not a whole lot warmer by the afternoon. i think maybe those numbers only in the 60s well below the average trying to squeeze a little sunshine toward the weekend. i think we'll do that maybe some 80s by sunday. maybe a little mini heat wave as we head toward the middle of next week. >> did you say the weekend? >> the weekend. almost forgot. >> i know. big doings down in l.a. right now. a bet of a traffic mess. >> yeah. take a look. live images as the shuttle endeavour is taking a break in a parking lot during its slow two-day journey from los angeles art to a museum being transported through the city streets. it's about to retire.


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